Catering the Time Away

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It’s happened again. It seems like we were just preparing for the 2009 Holiday Season, and “pow,” today is already February 1st, 2010 – amazing. People often say time can “stand still” or they need to “save time,” but time keeps moving. In the catering business, it is amazing how it passes so quickly.

From an operations perspective, we’re already beginning to focus on summer and holiday business. We’re busy inventorying linens, purchasing new color offerings, looking at new and stylish serviceware, and adding fresh menu items while also focusing on creatively reinventing some traditional ones.

In just over a month, I will be speaking at the
Catersource Conference in Las Vegas with Puff ‘n Stuff Catering’s Owner, Warren Dietel. We’ll be showcasing our process for executing the perfect event. Every year, we attend to see the upcoming catering trends first-hand so we can continually “wow” our clients, whether the event is big or small.

This year is off to a busy start and we are looking forward to the challenges that brings! I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year and look forward to the opportunity to assist in creating your special event!

At Your Service,
Kevin Kulikowski, Director of Business Operations

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