Bringing Gourmet Kosher Catering to Orlando

Since October of 2009 Puff ‘n Stuff Catering has had a revolving door of Rabbis and Mashgiachs with one goal in mind – to offer the Jewish community of Central Florida kosher catering at a gourmet level.

It began with a drive to offer another option to Orlando Jewry; it progressed with a fateful phone call to Amira Cohen after she had to close the doors to her own kosher catering company and restaurant.

With the combination of Amira’s matriarch-like reputation in the Jewish community and Puff ‘n Stuff’s 30 years of experience in perfecting events there’s no telling what we can do with Kosher. After a little elbow grease, hours of meetings and a lot of research, we were approved for certification under the Great Orlando Board of Rabbis to provide Orlando with dairy or meat kosher catering at a Conservative or Orthodox level.

Shira Smith, Special Event Planner

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